Get New Wraps for Each Race

Race cars are known for flashy exteriors with sponsor logos, lettering, race team branding, etc. Maintaining that detail in paint is practically impossible for an individual racer with an open calendar or even a professional racing team. Professional racers and fully organized racing teams use full or partial race car wraps to save time and money.

UpDog Delivers Your Requirements!

Our experienced team of in-house designers can create full or partial race car wraps as per your specific requirements. We can create custom designed race car wraps with all your sponsor logos, lettering, numbering and branding that you need.

Captivate Your Fans

The entire race car wrap design, print and installation process takes just a fraction of the time needed for a complete paint job. The high resolution prints carry detailed custom graphics and look great on photographs and videos.

Shave a Tenth of a Second or More With UpDog Wraps!

While each additional coat of paint adds to a race car’s weight, a full or partial race car wrap can be easily removed after it has served its purpose. It’s also much lighter than a complete paint job and doesn’t damage the original paint when removed.

Hire Race Car Wrap Pros!

UpDog race car wraps also protect your car’s paint job from racing contacts. Your race car wraps are installed by professionals with years of experience. Our specialists know the importance of avoiding any drag on a race car. They are experienced with the best prepping techniques and purpose-built tools to install perfectly smooth race car wraps.

5 Reasons to choose UpDog Race Car Wraps

  • Competitive Pricing
  • FREE Design Consultation
  • 3M Materials & Latex Ink
  • HD Quality High Resolution Prints
  • Certified 3M Installation


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