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RVs are the “In-Thing”

RVs are commonly used by television and movie artists, individuals or groups travelling together for work and vacationers. These full loaded house on wheels are a must have for a family on vacation or a group like a music band that travels together by road.

Get a Unique Look!

While the interior of an RV has always been fully customized as per the owners liking, the exterior is often the regular single tone paint job. RV wraps are a new fashion phenomenon among RV owners. Until RV wraps were available, most owners would get expensive custom paint jobs to give their RV that unique look.

Professional Service

At UpDog RV Wraps, we create custom designs to give your RV the look you have been dreaming about. Our high resolution printers and expert installation service gives you a perfect finish. The vinyl we use fits flawlessly into the contours of your RV without leaving any air bubbles. Our finished RV wraps look better than paint jobs as the level of detail in high resolution prints is much better.

Turn Your RV into Stunning Rolling Billboards

RV Wraps are also used as a platform for spectacular advertisements. Due to their sheer size and dimensions, RVs are perfect for use as rolling billboards. These vehicles can help a company advertise its products and services wherever they go. An RV acts as rolling billboards and promotes your business while it is parked, in the traffic and even while you are on vacation!

Consult our designers to create unique RV wraps that give your favorite vacation pod a new look or help promote your business.

5 Reasons for Selecting UpDog RV Wraps

  • Affordable pricing
  • FREE Design Consultation
  • Top of the Line Materials
  • HD Quality High Resolution Prints
  • FREE Installation Service by Experts

Stop blending in with the rest of the crowd and Mark Your Territory!

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