Simply put, a vehicle wrap is a large sheet of vinyl sticker. It can be a single tone color, contain custom graphics or display an advertisement. From full vehicle wrap to partial wraps, decals, stripes, logos and lettering, vehicle wraps come in many forms. Different materials can be used to give glossy, super glossy or different shades of matte and flat finish.

The quality of the vinyl and the printer are key to the final looks. High resolution prints are generally the norm these days and look best when vehicle wraps are being used for promotions and graphics. Vehicle wraps are applied directly on the paint of a vehicle. They are easy to install and uninstall. Good quality vehicle wraps do not leave any reside on the paint of your vehicle.

Even though vehicle wraps are easy to uninstall, they do not peel off or damage easily.
Individuals can install a vehicle wrap to change the color of their vehicle or give it a unique look with graphics. On the other hand, vehicle wraps can also be used for promoting a business. A business can install vehicle wraps to create a cost effective and long lasting rolling billboard. Ads on wraps can promote a business everywhere the vehicles go, for years. Professionally designed vehicle wraps can also help reinforce corporate identity, create brand awareness or give an ageing fleet a cost effective facelift.

Professional vehicle wrap designers can create unique graphics specifically for your vehicle. Unique graphics can give your vehicle a one of a kind identity in the world. From racing stripes to full body carbon fiber wrap or cheetah and snakeskin print, there is no limitation on the design of vehicle wrap. You can virtually take an idea to a vehicle wrap company and they can create a vehicle wrap out of it.

UpDog wraps has an in-house vehicle wrap design team with years of experience in creating stunning vehicle wraps. We can give your vehicle any kind of look you can imagine. Our high end printers deliver high resolution graphics on large vinyl sheets. These sheets are printed to fit perfectly over the contours of your vehicle. UpDog specialists install your wraps for bubble and wrinkle free look. They look great from all angles.

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